Manchester and London Stansted Airport rely on ATRiCS Pre-Departure Sequencer

Mar 13, 2019

ATRiCS Advanced Traffic Solutions GmbH and T-Systems International GmbH have recently signed a subcontract agreement to work together for Manchester Airports Group (MAG) in the supply, implementation and support of its A-CDM system.

Manchester Airports Group proactively adresses the European Air Traffic Management Master Plan by implementing A-CDM as a pillar to improve air traffic flow and capacity management at its airports. This step is an element in MAG‘s Transformation Programme which will give the airport group greater flexibility and faster deployment of new ATM solutions to continually improve service to passengers. ATRiCS has been chosen to provide MAG with its proven Collaborative Predeparture Sequencing System to manage outbound traffic pre-tactical planning at Manchester and London Stansted Airport soon.

Rick Mernock, ATM Policy and Planning Manager at Manchester Airport, said: “ATRiCS have convinced us with their in-depth expertise and hands on knowledge on A-CDM departure management from their many previous installations. We have made a promising choice with ATRiCS operational expertise and the proven capabilites of T-Systems in delivering the A-CDM technical platform to both Manchester and London Stansted.

Wolfgang Hatzack, Chief Executive Officer ATRiCS said: “We are looking back onto a successful track record of our installations at Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Stuttgart and are delighted to bring our experience to UK Airports. Departure management gets more and more awareness at airports these days, and in Europe customers are very well aware of the intricacies of the challenge thanks to EUROCONTROL‘s information and awareness policies on A-CDM topics.

The Go-Live of the systems at Manchester and London Stansted as well as the connection to EUROCONTROL‘s network manager is foreseen towards the end of 2019. By that time ATRiCS A-CDM solutions will have sequenced over four million flights.