All our operational products have been proven to enhance the performance of airside operations. Our training and validation support systems have proven to be key in validating new procedures in surface management. Helping with the introduction of changes and fitting perfectly with today's flexible training needs.



The ATRiCS TowerPad® finally pushes the control tower into the 21st century. Intelligently uniting information and management action into a single user interface, an unprecedented level of human-centric automation improves system integration, communications and guidance. Increased safety, taxi efficiency and airport capacity are the result. The TowerPad® – similar to the glass cockpit onboard the aircraft – equips the controller with the most advanced working environment available today. Controllers enter their intentions on a touch-screen and can fully focus on their planning and traffic coordination task.

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DMAN improves slot adherence and reduces queuing time at departure runways. Today it is in use at a range of airports that have wanted to increase the capacity and efficiency of their departure operations. The system improves slot allocation and minimizes delays. Reducing stop & go traffic, it helps to save delays, fuels and CO2 emissions. For many, the increase in predictability has also become a vital advantage with the reduction of buffer times in flight schedules and more stability in airline network operations. DMAN regulates the outbound demand by calculating Target Start-Up Approval Times (TSAT) thus providing the most efficient fit to available runway capacity. During peak traffic times in particular, the advantages of an "intelligent" sequence versus the traditional first-come-first-served off-block procedure become obvious. The Departure Manager from ATRiCS is fully compliant with the European Community Specification for A-CDM and is currently the only one offering an operationally proven de-icing function for winter operations.

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AVATOR is our response to the needs of leading airports and ANSPs to build up and maintain the required skills for new procedures and for operating new systems. Furthermore, the pressure to validate new operational procedures is growing and requires appropriate simulation systems. Since 2005 the system has proven to be a powerful and cost-effective solution preventing training and validation teams from long set-up times in other simulators. The fact that no pseudo pilots are required to operate even large scale setups of the simulation (electronic clearance input and text-to-speech module) is a major cost-saver for our customers. The system is in use for ab-initio and for refresher training of controllers as well as for validation exercises integrating tower automation systems such as A-SMGCS, A-CDM or EFPS.