ATRiCS provides software products and services to Air Navigation Service Providers and Airport Operators to help them increase the safety, capacity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of airside surface management operations. We are active in a number of fields: A-SMGCS, Tower Automation, A-CDM, Validation of Procedures and Training. All these are closely interlinked when it comes to strengthening operational performance at airports.



A-SMGCS example

Even now, many people and authorities consider A-SMGCS to be merely a better surveillance system. But there are also airports where people refer to the airfield ground lighting system as their „A-SMGCS“. And some regulatory bodies also attribute planning functions to an A-SMGCS. A-SMGCS encompasses, of course, all these individual functions. At an individual airport, the starting point can be an automatic labelling function (possibly with a rudimentary runway incursion alerting system) but also a manually controlled guidance function. Depending on the operational requirements, higher level functions such as individual routing, advanced airport safety net and automatic switching of taxiway centre line lights – commonly referred to as „Follow the Greens“ - may be added.