ATRiCS Advanced Traffic Solutions GmbH was established in 2001 and is since 2020 a member of the Frequentis Group. Both founders of ATRiCS are the company's directors until today. Our team has grown over the years, but all our colleagues with their many years of ATM system experience are still onboard. We believe that automation is key to addressing current and future challenges in air traffic management. This belief has shaped our product and services portfolio. ATRiCS offers airport-specific software solutions and consultancy services. ATRiCS products are used all over the world, wherever benchmarks are being set in the fields of modern integrated controller working positions, tower automation and taxi operations management. ATRiCS systems are used for individual route planning and guidance at transport hubs in Asia and the Middle East alongside with A-CDM applications geared at leveraging the optimal utilisation of existing infrastructure. ATRiCS supports the introduction of operational traffic systems with a wide portfolio of simulation and validation tools.





Wolfgang Hatzack

Wolfgang Hatzack, Chairman and CEO

Wolfgang Hatzack co-founded ATRiCS in 2001 and has been the company's Chief Executive Officer ever since.
Wolfgang is responsible for ATRiCS' strategic objectives and business development but also for driving the company's product roadmap. He is the visionary behind the company's innovations such as TowerPad® and designed the world's first fully automated routing and guidance system operational at Incheon Airport/Seoul. In 2012, under his leadership, ATRiCS was recognized by Jane's Airport Review/CANSO for its market leading innovation.
Prior to founding ATRiCS, Wolfgang was involved with a number of renowned management consultancies. He has a strong academic record in artificial intelligence and is a private pilot.


Natalie Hammerich

Natalie Hammerich, Managing Director

Natalie Hammerich equally co-founded ATRiCS and is today the company's Managing Director.
Natalie has shaped the company's organizational structures and is responsible for the administration as well as the management and the development of the ATRiCS team. Natalie has for a long time been a programme manager of the company's many R&D activities.
Prior to founding ATRiCS, Natalie worked in international organisations.



When ATRiCS started off in 2001, we spent a lot of time listening. Business wasn't easy for a new ATM software company shortly after 09/11, so we had enough time to listen to various ATM stakeholders: Airports, ANSPs, Airlines, regulators and to people from all levels.
The driving force behind our company was a genuine interest in modernising the surface operations at airports. Why? Because we saw so much potential for performance improvement with the help of modern technology, because we noticed that there was a lot of confusion about terms („A-SMGCS“, „DMAN“...) and because we saw little real innovation around in the industry. Since we also learnt that customers were largely system-oriented rather than outcome-oriented we simultaneously developed our consulting services. Intensive discussions with customers and future clients on exact definitions and on how processes could really be improved gave rise to ATRiCS consulting activities.
Our consulting experience has shaped the entire company and has a direct impact on product development. ATRiCS has become what it is today because we have understood what the real challenges are before technical solutions come into play. Our team of “outside-the-box” ATM thinkers are impatient to unleash your airport's performance with you.




We are always in search of excellent people. If you are a software engineer or you have a strong background in air traffic management as a sales expert or business analyst, we would like to hear from you. If you are interested in a challenging career with an innovative company, please contact us.




ATRiCS has been involved in a range of large scale R&D projects. The company has been working in the framework of the national aviation research programme with partners such as DFS, DLR, Fraport, Thales, Jeppesen, Diehl Aerospace, Siemens and others.



iPort - Innovative Airport (2009-2012)

The ATRiCS Surface Manager uses its routing and guidance functions to fully automatically control surface movement traffic. The communication between pilots and SMAN is conducted via datalink.

TAMS - Total Airport Management Suite

TAMS - Total Airport Management Suite (2009-2011)

As part of a suite of IT systems in an Airport Operation Control Center (APOC), the ATRiCS Surface Manager (SMAN) closes the gap between runway management and turnaround management by prediction and planning of surface trajectories up to 3 hours in advance.

WFF - Competitive Airport

WFF - Competitive Airport (2007-2010)

The ATRiCS Surface Manager (SMAN) supports controllers by semi-automatic routing services and provides dynamic guidance by airfield ground lights in combination with an onboard display.


SIE-A-SMGCS (2003-2007)

The ATRiCS Surface Manager computes individual taxi route proposals which take into account the current traffic situation. After assignment, SMAN dynamically controls the taxiway centerline lights and stop bars while the aircraft progresses along its route.