GANS and ATRiCS sign agreement to develop next generation air traffic controller training

Oct 27, 2021

Global Air Navigation Services (GANS, United Arab Emirates) and ATRiCS have today signed an agreement to jointly develop, promote and deliver an air traffic controller training course for the next generation of tower automation systems. Yahya Al Hammadi, CEO GANS and Wolfgang Hatzack, CEO ATRiCS signed the agreement today in Madrid at World ATM Congress.

The cooperation has grown from the successful collaboration in the operational implementation of a state-of-the-art tower automation system at Abu Dhabi International Airport. In this 5-year project undertaken by Abu Dhabi Airports, ATRiCS and GANS together with numerous other stakeholders have achieved an unrivalled level of integration and automation, including an Integrated Controller Working Position (ICWP) and fully automatic routing, guidance and conflict resolution capabilities. This has proven to significantly reduce controller workload and improve operational efficiency.

The success of ATRiCS and GANS in the controller training during this project, has proven the importance of a new and adequate training approach to familiarize air traffic controllers with a working environment marked by a high degree of automation and integration. Both companies therefore see chances to introduce a new training standard at the GANS training centre, to deploy the potential of operational efficiency and cost effectiveness of next generation automation systems by opening a new chapter of adequate controller training in the market.

Preparations to develop the curricula will start before the end of 2021.