GAL ANS and ATRiCS team up to provide world-leading systems and services for the ATM industry

Mar 12, 2019

GAL Air Navigation Services (GAL ANS), UAE and ATRiCS Advanced Traffic Solutions GmbH (ATRiCS), Germany have agreed to collaborate on training and operational areas to advance the ATM industry.

Both GAL ANS and ATRiCS share a joint vision to develop innovative solutions and products which can be delivered to enhance service provision. The integration of people, processes and systems helps to improve overall gate to gate efficiency across the ATM network. Both companies believe in a collaborative ANSP/OEM environment which takes into consideration the requirements of the ATM community, to achieve a seamless operation for all stakeholders across the global ATM value chain. The focus of the cooperation will be on innovative technology driven operational solutions such as digital towers and technology driven ATM training solutions.

“Collaboration between ANSPs and OEMs is the key to unlocking innovation and operational efficiency in the ATM industry” said Mr. Jesper Skou, Chief Executive Officer of GAL ANS. “With GAL ANS vision to be the Air Navigation Service Provider of Choice, GAL ANS sees its cooperation with ATRiCS as a partnership which could deliver real operational benefits to its customers with the early adoption of innovative solutions which ultimately increases efficiency and reduces operating costs.

Wolfgang Hatzack, Chief Executive Officer ATRiCS, underlined: “We are very happy to have found such an open-minded partner in GAL ANS who welcomes the benefits of today’s systems and is ready deploy them in their operations and business. We have been a keen advocate of human-in the-loop systems in air traffic control industry for more than 15 years now. Interestingly, it is the general public awareness for Artificial Intelligence that has given a boost to the recognition of automation in the ATM industry”.

GAL ANS and ATRiCS will also combine their expertise to provide consultancy services and third party ANS service delivery functions to the ATM market.

About GAL

GAL Air Navigation Services (GAL ANS) is a limited liability company based in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Its employees, 50% of whom are Emirati, provide specialized technical services in the field of Air Navigation Services. GAL ANS provides services from many airports to private and government customers. GAL ANS is certified by the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), the UAE’s National Supervisory Authority as the only private Air Navigation Service Provider in the region. GAL ANS state of the art training center is an ICAO and GCAA certified facility from where it provides extensive air traffic management training to local and international customers.

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