ATRiCS successfully supports SEAC in SESAR Validation Exercise

ATRiCS has successfully supported the SESAR European Airports Consortium (SEAC) in their validation activities for work package EXE 06.03.01-VP-759 (Release 5). The validation exercise was led by Flughafen München GmbH and Fraport AG and carried out from 20 to 24th April 2015 in Fraport’s Apron Tower Simulator. The exercise attracted a global audience of visitors interested in the „Follow the Greens“ concept and the corresponding control procedures.

„Follow the Greens“ provides the flight crew with guidance indications during the taxiing phase on the airport surface by automatically illuminating individual taxiway centreline lights in front of the aircraft and also automatically switching off lights in areas where they are not needed. After the encouraging outcome of the 2013 validation exercise with the primary focus on the flight crew perspective, the centre of attention in this year’s SEAC validation exercise was the effect on the work of controllers in the ground tower. Follow the Greens is implemented in ATRiCS’ operational TowerPad that consists of a Surface Manager (SMAN) and an Integrated Controller Working Position (ICWP). It was provided by ATRiCS in addition to the dual tower simulator integrated with an external cockpit.

The objective of the exercise is to identify how this new working environment influences controller workload, situational awareness and efficiency. At the same time, the validation analyses the effect of ‘Follow-the-Greens’ and its system environment on airport surface safety, aircraft movement performance values, environmental performance indicators and the radio communication time needed to perform taxi missions.

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