Hamburg Airport selects ATRiCS to provide Pre-Departure Sequencer System

Hamburg Airport is on track to achieve certification as a fully compliant A-CDM Airport by early 2016.

The overall IT solution supporting the A-CDM process will be provided by Hamburg Airport’s IT provider AIRSYS but for the Pre-Departure Sequencer (PDS), a core logic module of the A-CDM system, Hamburg airport has chosen to integrate the ATRiCS solution.

ATRiCS CEO Wolfgang Hatzack commented: „We are, of course, very happy to see Hamburg Airport join our list of installations. The very positive feedback on our Pre-Departure Sequencer between the users themselves is our most precious asset and more convincing than any sales speech could ever be. The currently unrivalled number of over 1.5 million sequenced flights is an absolutely unique point of ATRiCS’ PDS.“

Hamburg Airport now joins a pedigree group of leading airports including Frankfurt Airport, Dusseldorf Airport and Stuttgart Airport, who have been running the ATRiCS Pre-Departure Sequencer successfully in their operations for years now.

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