ATRiCS provides products and services to Air Navigation Service Providers and Airport Operators to help them to increase safety, capacity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of airside surface management operations. Our business areas include:


Individual routing and electronic input of controller intentions allows for the detection of conformance failures. In combination with dynamic control of airfield ground lights, a level of automation is achieved that has demonstrated to reduce controller workload and to improve situational awareness of pilots. [more]



Advanced Taxi Time Calculation considerably improves the accuracy of predicted on-block and take-off times. It is a key enabler for the effective integration of arrival and departure management with turnaround management. Pre-Departure Sequencing best possibly balances departure demand with existing runway capacity. [more]

ATM Validation and Training

During the introduction of new systems in the control tower, continuous validation from controllers assures that the right system is being built. After deployment, ab-initio and refresher training is required to best possibly use the system in case of emergencies, system failures and unusual situations. [more]

At every airport, there is still a large potential for the improvement of key performance areas such as safety, capacity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. To develop ideas and concepts and to find out their actual benefits as well as their implementation costs requires an in-depth know-how of air traffic management processes and technologies.