Research & Development

ATRiCS has been a major contributing partner in the following large scale R&D projects which have a total volume of approximately 100 million EUR:

iPort - Innovative Airport (2009-2012)

The ATRiCS Surface Manager uses its routing and guidance functions to fully automatically control surface movement traffic. The communication between pilots and SMAN will be conducted via datalink. 

TAMS - Total Airport Management Suite (2009-2011)

As part of a suite of IT systems in an Airport Operation Control Center (APOC), the ATRiCS Surface Manager (SMAN) closes the gap between runway management and turnaround management by prediction and planning of surface trajectories up to 3 hours in advance. 

WFF - Competitive Airport (2007-2010)

The ATRiCS Surface Manager (SMAN) supports controllers by semi-automatic routing services and provides dynamic guidance by airfield ground lights in combination with an onboard display. 



SIE-A-SMGCS (2003-2007)

The ATRiCS Surface Manager computes individual taxi route proposals which take into account the current traffic situation. After assignment, SMAN dynamically controls the taxiway centerline lights and stop bars while the aircraft progresses along its route.