Stuttgart A-CDM Airport

Yesterday on 17th November 2014, Stuttgart Airport became the 13th airport to receive Eurocontrol certification for A-CDM and is now operating as a fully compliant A-CDM Airport. The ATRiCS Pre-Departure Sequencer (PDS) a core logic module of the A-CDM system has been in operational service at Stuttgart Airport since 22nd July...  [more]



ARiSE Simulator for Zurich & Geneva

Skyguide, a pioneer in A-SMGCS, has chosen ATRiCS to provide a vendor-independent simulation tool for testing, validating and calibrating the Swiss Airport Movement Area Control System (SAMAX) at Zurich and Geneva. The "ARISE" solution provided by ATRiCS is a graphical airport...  [more]



Airbus Pro Sky Cooperation with ATRiCS

Airbus Pro Sky and ATRiCS have joined forces to improve the performance and efficiency of ATC centres worldwide with the help of SMAN. Airbus is complementing its ATM offerings with the powerful surface management system (SMAN) developed by ATRiCS.


Read more in the related Airbus Press Release.  [more]