Management Team

We are a team of highly committed aviation experts, computer scientists and engineers. With a broad range of specializations we bring together a set of skills that enables us to successfully tackle complex projects in the aviation world. Having worked together as a team for many years and in different environments, we highly enjoy working together and share the challenge every new project represents.

Wolfgang Hatzack

Wolfgang co-founded ATRiCS in 2001 and has been the company's CEO ever since. He designed the world's first fully automated routing and guidance system now operational at Incheon Airport/Seoul. As a consultant he supports ANSPs, airports and airlines in the introduction of mission critical A-SMGCS and A-CDM systems, including detailed cost-benefit analysis and technical feasibility studies. Wolfgang combines recognized academic expertise in artificial intelligence and his pilot experience.

Natalie Hammerich

Natalie has equally been involved in ATRiCS from the very start and has a strong background in international working environments. She has shaped the company's organizational structures, is head of finance and administration and coordinates the different units of the company. Natalie has for a long time been a program manager of the company's many R&D activities.