About Us

ATRiCS Office at Freiburg Airport

ATRiCS provides intelligent ATM solutions at airports. Global integrators use ATRiCS' far advanced technology to deliver the safest leading edge solutions for automatic routing, guidance, control and conflict avoidance all over the world.


Today airport operators and ANSPs at mega hubs including Incheon, Dubai and Frankfurt are benefitting from these traffic management solutions.


ATRiCS advanced “Follow the Greens” guidance system and A-CDM modules help these airports to make best use of their existing infrastructure and technology and to achieve outstanding gains in airport capacity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


ATRiCS' solutions, continuously developed in close relation with controllers and pilots, reduce workload as well as airline delays, taxi queuing, diversions and cancellations.


ATRiCS also supplies highly customized and configurable ATC Tower simulators.  








ATRiCS is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.